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DELFAR Elevator Co., Ltd. holds the development idea, according to the erperience and skill accumulated in so many years, Delfar continues to innovate, keeping positive development attitude to the future.

2006——Delfar grew out of a textile machinery factory. it began with Nanxun whole elevator's equipment.

2012——Delfar begins to prepare for the production of whole elevator.

2013——Delfar begins to prepare for every certificates that needed for whole elevtaor and adds registered fund.

2014——Delfar renames successfully. The second phase of the factory is copmpleted .

2015——Delfar takes part in the Expo Elevator Asansor Istanbul.

2016——Delfar takes part in the China International elevator Expo.

2017——Delfar takes part in the Russian International elevator Expo.